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Based on the results of the interview. 

The Head of the Programme leads the process.



Group work involves the knowledge and skills acquired during the study. 

The topics of the projects that the groups work on are determined by the Head of the Programme together with the leadership of the National Security and Defence Council, the Office of the President of Ukraine, with the advisory support of the heads of all Ukrainian security and defence institutions and international partners.

A Ukrainian and international senior officials committee evaluates all developed projects.

Group work on projects


The Programme has various formats, including lectures, discussions, workshops, case studies, strategic games, etc. 

Participants also work on materials developed by analysts of the Mohyla Strategic Agency.

This design helps to develop a strategic perspective, systemic and critical thinking, analytical accuracy, etc.

Learning process


Club of Strategic Leaders

It is an association of the Programme’s alumni, the next step in implementing a holistic approach to promoting the development of Ukraine’s national security and defence system.

This format was created to share the experience of graduates to build social, cognitive, and transformational capabilities aimed at maintaining the institutional sustainability of the security and defence sector and the ability to respond to challenges and threats to Ukraine’s national security.


Project defence

Upon successful project defence, participants of the Programme receive a diploma of completion.

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